Tom Kirk's Cultural Awareness programs are designed to provide introductory cultural awareness training.
They address three main areas:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, cultures and people
  • Indigenous and non-Indigenous attitudes towards each other and how these attitudes are formed
  • Cross-cultural behaviour and actions

These areas are explored through presentations, exercises, discussions and role-plays. The programs differ
from many cross-cultural awareness training programs as they explore attitudes and how they are formed. Preconceived ideas, prejudices and stereotypes formed from misinformation and a lack of knowledge etc are common barriers and Tom's programs help facilitate an effective process of introspection for participants to help in cross-cultural relationships.)

During these programs participants learn about the complex nature of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
cultures and the way they are viewed by non-Indigenous people. The programs develop a greater awareness and understanding of those cultures and how they operate, which then helps to navigate cross-cultural situations. Programs can be designed to meet specific needs.